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The Hans India

'Hindus are seekers, not believers; Ghar Wapsi not in our ethos'
Economic Times
Attempts at reconversion or asking Hindus to have more children are at odds with Hinduism's traditions, says noted spiritualist Jaggi Vasudev. Over the course of an exhaustive interview with ET, he also said fringe elements are getting disproportionate ...
Hindus highest educated group in ScotlandMerinews
Exhibition Of Hindu Temples & gods Touring Malaysiaspyghana.com

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Patheos (blog)

Can I Convert to Hinduism [Google Questions Answered]
Patheos (blog)
It is exclusively associated with the predatory behavior of Abrahamic religions (Islam and Christianity) as they work to convert Hindus by any means necessary (including bribery, withholding medicine, tricks, and other coercion). For many Hindus it is ...

The News Teller

An Indian Muslim Cow Trader forced conversion to Hinduism by Mob
The News Teller
They slap the boy and force him to convert to Hinduism. Moreover, a forced conversion is the religious conversion or acceptance of a creed against the will of the subject, usually with the menaced ramifications of earthly penalties or teas. These ...

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The Idaho Statesman

Religious leaders call for Idaho senator to apologize
The Idaho Statesman
Sheryl Nuxoll said this week that Hinduism "is a false faith with false gods." She made the comments to reporters after she and two other senators boycotted a Hindu prayer by a Reno cleric who opened the Tuesday morning session of the Idaho Senate.
Idaho state senator defies call for apology to HindusThe Spokesman Review
Idaho state senator not sorry about Hinduism commentsKBOI-TV

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Times of India

Why non-Hindus need to write on Hinduism
Times of India
In what I have now come to think of, wistfully, as the (good) old days, in illo tempore, whenever I gave a lecture on Hinduism, afterward, in the question period, an elderly Hindu gentleman (always a man) would rise, pay me an elaborate compliment, and ...
Hinduism and Caste: Explaining Caste-Privilege and Ending Caste-Based ...Patheos (blog)
Diversity is in the DNA of Hinduism: Sri Sri Ravi ShankarNewsHub.org

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History is proof most Hindus never had any beef with beef
Do you think a ban on beef is a cultural imposition on certain sections of Hindus, Muslims and Christians? It is definitely a cultural imposition— particularly on indigenous groups, such as tribals and Dalits. The question of cultural imposition on ...

and more »

Patheos (blog)

Is Widow Burning (Sati) Part of Hinduism? (Criticisms of Hinduism Series)
Patheos (blog)
It seems that after a few cases of this it became, for some, a cultural tradition and there are rumors of women being forced onto their husband's funeral pyres in historic Hinduism. So is this practice a part of our religion? Is it condoned by our holy ...

The Atlantic

Hindus Are Thriving in America, but There's Only One in Congress
The Atlantic
Her election illustrates the complicated tightrope Hindus—and consequently, Indian Americans—walk in establishing a political identity. After all, in a country where two million Americans identify as being Hindu and many more count themselves as ...
How to Approach Religion in the 21st Century: Lessons from India's TraditionsThe Diplomat

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How the RSS ghar wapsi programme actually hurts Hindus
The Sangh Parivar's ghar wapsi programme to convert members of minority communities to Hinduism is driven by anxieties of Hindus being lured away in droves from the faith of their ancestors by Abrahamic missionaries. While the fears of an exodus from ...
'Ghar wapsi' has become a bad phrase despite Article 25 guaranteeing itFirstpost

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Hindustan Times

More than 2000 reconvert to Hinduism in MP: RSS
Hindustan Times
A senior RSS functionary on Monday justified its reconversion programme as a "national necessity", saying nearly 2,000 people have re-embraced Hinduism in Madhya Pradesh during the past few months. RSS Praant Karyawah (state in-charge) Ashok ...
Ghar wapsi 'thrust' area: RSS chief says help those who want to 'come back' to ...The Indian Express
About 2000 reconverted to Hinduism in MP: RSS's central IndiaBusiness Standard

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Nine Beliefs of Hinduism. Our beliefs determine our thoughts and attitudes about life, which in turn direct our actions. By our actions, we create our destiny.

Hinduism - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hinduism (Hindi: सनातन धर्म; Sanātana Dharma, is a very old religion from India that is still practiced today. It was one of the first religions ...



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